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Earlier this year, Sixth Element were delighted to create a new website for artist and children’s author, Debbie Wise.

Debbie has just released her first book, Rosie and Rufus, the story of two chirpy little robins who have an unexpected brush with danger. It has been published by White Mouse Books and is illustrated throughout by Debbie’s beautiful watercolour paintings. The website showcases Debbie’s art as well as the book, and gives fans and readers up to date information on where to find her work for sale and where she will be visiting in the near future.

Will Nett is an elusive, itinerant Francophile traveller, still seized by the vice-like grip of Yorkshireness, as well as the author of 'Billy No Maps' and 'My Only Boro: A Walk Through Red & White'. Lurching into middle-age with aplomb, he’s occupied most of the time with books, bikes and backpacking, inking, drinking, and thinking. And cheese. Turns a card, rolls the bones, pops a cork. Nobody’s perfect. He’s down to earth, still employs the same butler as he did before he was published and is exhaustively obsessed with Hank Williams and Johan Cruyff. 

Beryl Robinson was a civil servant for 22 years where she worked all over the country before returning to Middlesbrough, to take early retirement so she could spend more time travelling and enjoying herself. She has spent a lot of time working as a volunteer teacher in both Zambia and Zimbabwe, which she loved. She did a part time degree in History and Politics at Teesside University completing a BA (Hons) in 1995. She has two grown up children. She is the author of A Life of Consequence, a historical romance novel set in the 1860s. 

Drake The Bookstore celebrated its first birthday recently by moving from Stockton’s Enterprise Arcade into its very own premises in Stockton’s cultural hotspot, Silver Street.

One of the best things about being an indie writer is that you have control over the whole process – what you write and how you write – and you keep total ownership of your book. But what’s actually involved in taking your manuscript and getting it published as a book that can sit on the bookshop shelves? Here’s a brief insight to how we do it, in a nutshell.

We know what it’s like to finish a book – awesome and intimidating all at the same time. Once you think you’re done with your book and you’ve decided you’d like to publish it with Sixth Element, we have a fairly straightforward submissions form to make the process easy. 


Launching your own book can be as simple as listing it for sale on Amazon and giving free copies to all your friends. Or your launch can be as exciting or daunting as you decide you want to make it. If you decide you do want a launch with all the bells and whistles, then there are a ton of things you can do.

Writing your book is just the beginning. Once it’s published and out there, you need to market it, both in the real world and online. How much time and energy you spend on this depends completely on how much you’re happy doing. And don’t forget, one of the best ways to promote yourself as a writer is to write another book!